A collection is a group of artworks, artifacts, or similar items within the Walters Art Museum. Collections at the Walters are grouped primarily by culture and sometimes by date. Collections are given a descriptive title and a description to help users learn more about the importance of this group of artworks, artifacts and items at the Walters. For example, the Asian Art collection contains items such as paintings, sculptures and ceramics that were made in or around the Asian continent.


GET v1/collections

Get a list of collections at the Walters Art Museum via a number of parameters.

GET v1/collections/{id}/objects

Get a list of objects within a collection, by the collection id.


An exhibition is an organized presentation and display of a selection of museum objects. Exhibitions occur within the Walters Art Museum, but can also be held at other museums, galleries, etc. For each exhibition, the associated museum objects listed will be from the Walters collection. Although exhibitions frequently include objects from other institutions, those are not listed here.


GET v1/exhibitions

Get museum exhibitions via a number of parameters.

GET v1/exhibitions/{id}/objects

Get museum objects featured within an exhibition by referencing an exhibition id.


Geographies are locations on Earth where museum objects have been created or discovered, or locations that an object depicts or mentions. Each geography will have a geo type, display name, latitude and longitude (if available), and geography id.


GET v1/geographies

Get a distinct list of geographical locations via a number of parameters.

GET v1/geographies/{id}/objects

Get a list of objects associated with a geographical location, by referencing the geography id.

Museum Locations

Museum locations are physical places within the Walters Art Museum where the various museum objects are on view. If an object is not on view, it will be associated with a 'not on view' location. Each object will have a location in the Museum.


GET v1/museum/locations

Get a list of locations at the Walters Art Museum via a number of parameters.

GET v1/museum/locations/{id}/objects

No documentation available.

GET v1/museum/locations/Room/{id}/objects

No documentation available.


An object is a piece of art, an artifact or similar item within the Walters collections. Each object has several properties, a unique ID and at least one, but often several images of various sizes. For example, an object could be the painting on canvas titled "The Ideal City" by artist Fra Carnevale, dating from the Renaissance, ca. 1480-1484. Another example of an object is an earthenware "Camel" created in China, dating from the 7th-8th century.


GET v1/objects

Get museum objects via a number of parameters. Multiple parameter values can be included using commas as delimeters. In this example, we’ve included multiple object names of cup and spoon: GET v1/objects?name=cup, spoon

GET v1/objects/{id}.json

No documentation available.

GET v1/objects/{id}

No documentation available.

GET v1/objects/{id}.xml

No documentation available.

GET v1/objects/{id}/images

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